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What are the regulations regarding the name of an enterprise?

An enterprise name consists of a name in Vietnamese, a name in a foreign language and an abbreviated name, specifically:

    • The name in Vietnamese: Including the form of enterprise and the proper name.
    • The proper name must be made using the Vietnamese script system, the letters F, J, Z, W, numbers and symbols.
    • The name in a foreign language: is one that is translated from Vietnamese into a foreign language of the Latin script system. When translating into a foreign language, the proper name of an enterprise may be kept unchanged or translated according to its meaning.
    • The abbreviated name: is an abbreviation of either the Vietnamese name or the name in a foreign language.

Prohibited acts in naming enterprises:

    • Using names which are identical or confusingly similar to the name of a registered enterprise pursuant to Article 43 of the 2020 Law on Enterprises.
    • Using the name of a state agency, people’s armed forces unit, political organization, socio-political organization, socio-politico-professional organization, social organization or socio-professional organization as a whole or part of the proper name of an enterprise, unless such agency, unit or organization consents.
    • Using words, phrases and symbols which contravene national historical traditions, culture, ethics and fine traditions of the nation.

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