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What kind of time is considered as the paid working hours?

The time periods included in the paid working hour comprise:

(i) Rest breaks prescribed in Article 64.2 of Decree 145/2020/ND-CP;

(ii) Breaks in accordance with the nature of the work;

(iii) Breaks that are necessary and accounted for in productivity norms due to natural human needs;

(iv) Rest periods for female employees that are pregnant, raising a child under 12 months of age or during menstruation as prescribed in Article 137.2, Article 137.4 of the 2019 Labor Code;

(v) Work suspension periods through no fault of the employees;

(vi) Periods of meetings, learning, or training required or accepted by the employer;

(vii) Periods in which trainees and apprentices directly perform or participate in the performance of work as prescribed in Article 61.5 of the 2019 Labor Code;

(viii) Periods in which employees who are members of the management board of the internal employee representative organization are employed to perform the duties prescribed in Article 176.2 and Article 176.3 of the 2019 Labor Code;

(ix) Time spent on health check-ups, medical examinations for occupational diseases, or medical evaluations for determination of work capacity reduction due to occupational accidents or diseases if arranged or required by the employer;

(x) Time spent on registration and medical examinations for military service if the employees are paid as prescribed by military service laws.

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