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Which periods of time are considered as working time for calculating the number of annual leave days?

The periods of time regarded as working time of employees for the calculation of annual leave days comprise:

(i) Time of apprenticeship and job training to work for employers pursuant to a committed apprenticeship or job training contract.

(ii) Time of probation under labor contracts before working for employers.

(iii) Time of paid leave for personal reasons.

(iv) Time of unpaid leave agreed upon by employers, provided that the accumulated time of unpaid leave does not exceed 01 month in a year.

(v) Time of leave due to an occupational accident or disease, provided that the accumulated time of this leave does not exceed 6 months.

(vi) Time of sick leave, provided that the accumulated time of this leave does not exceed 02 months in a year.

(vii) Time of maternity leave as provided in the law on social insurance.

(viii) Time of leave for the performance of the objectives of the employees’ representative organization as provided by the law.

(ix) Time of work suspension or being out of work not due to the employees’ fault.

(x) Time of suspension from work after which the employee is declared to be clear of any violation or exempt from disciplinary measures.

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