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Business Litigation, Arbitration, Judgment Enforcement, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense


Alice is a Senior Litigator at LE & TRAN.  Prior to joining the firm, she served for 5 years with the People’s Procuracy of Ho Chi Minh City.  During her time there, she was appointed Prosecutor to directly conduct prosecution and supervision of entire criminal investigations and legal proceedings at the first-instance stage and to resolve criminal cases in the fields of economics and corruption.  She joined LE & TRAN in 2018 as a Litigator.  Currently, she represents various high-level clients in civil, commercial, labor, marriage and family disputes and criminal matters and has successfully advised and protected their interests.  She is equipped with a wide range of litigation knowledge and skills and is one of the exceptional litigators at LE & TRAN.


LLB (Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, Vietnam)


Vietnamese and English


From 2013 to 2018

  • Extensive research and preparation of criminal case files. Supervision and implementation of legal proceedings conducted by the Investigation Authorities and the Courts in economic and corruption cases.
  • Participated in the resolution of notable cases regarding property appropriation, illegal business, smuggling, counterfeiting, trading in forbidden goods, tax evasion, and crimes in credit and banking spheres. These cases involved dozens of suspects and appropriated property worth hundreds of billions VND and/or numerous foreign organizations and individuals.
  • Conducted crime denouncements; preparation of proposed indictments in criminal cases; processed prosecution proposals for criminal cases lodged by the Market Surveillance Authorities and Customs relating to criminal violations in the fields of export-import, immigration, transportation of money or goods by airplane, etc.
  • Proposed and assisted the Intermediate Prosecutors in approving decisions for arrest in emergency cases, extending the duration of custody, arresting suspects for custody, implementing, altering, or terminating preventive measures for suspects (custody, ban on leaving the residence, etc.).
  • Supervised investigative activities: obtained testimonies, confrontation, identification, scene examinations, experimental investigations, etc.
  • Assisted the Intermediate Prosecutors in pursuing indictments to prosecute suspects, conducting prosecution, and supervising the legal proceedings of the Courts.
  • Lodged appeals contesting the Judgments and Decisions of the first-instance Courts which violated the laws.
  • Inspected legal compliance of the Procuracies at the district-level in supervising investigation and legal proceedings; discovered violations and proposed corrections.

From 2018 to 2019

Dispute resolution:

  • Civil dispute: Uncovered new evidence and lodged an appeal in cassation to reclaim an asset worth 2 billion VND for the client.
  • Commercial disputes:
  • Pursued a claim on behalf of a client for compensation of over US$136,000 under a Sales Contract.
  • Successfully represented a company in defending against a claim for return of a deposit and making a payment of compensation worth over 500 million VND.
  • Enforcement: Assisted a client in enforcing an arbitration award and successfully recovering US$340,000.
  • Bankruptcy case: Assisted and advised a company struggling with debts of over 2,000 billion VND to over 100 creditors during a bankruptcy proceeding filed by creditors.
  • Labor disputes:
  • Successfully stopped a compensation claim of 300 million VND against a client by lodging arguments based upon the statute of limitations.
  • Successfully defended a client from a compensation claim of 500 million VND by lodging arguments concerning the jurisdiction of the Court.
  • Marriage and family disputes: Represented a client in the division of marital assets worth 100 billion VND after divorce. The case involved a complex web of banks, other organizations and individuals.


Other legal matters:

  • Resolved criminal matters: Advised and assisted clients in implementing requests by the Investigation Authorities for providing evidence and offered effective solutions to remedy violations.
  • Created and reviewed sales contracts, service contracts, labor contracts and human resource documentation for companies.
  • Advised companies on legal issues to be anticipated regarding the performance and termination of contracts and relevant compensation matters.
  • Drafted and advised clients regarding testamentary instruments (i.e. Wills) and solved probate and inheritance matters.
  • Represented clients in negotiations and mediations to amicably settle civil and labor disputes by win-win solutions for all involved parties.

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