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Business Litigation, Arbitration, Judgment Enforcement, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense


Haley is a Senior Associate at LE & TRAN.  After joining the Litigation team in 2016, she has exhibited diligent professional skills, dedication to clients and decisive decision-making ability.  This has resulted in her promotion to the high position of Senior Associate and being entrusted with many important cases.


Haley is active in the legal fields of litigation, enforcement and licensing.  In her practice, she has encountered and successfully solved a wide range of challenges, including disputes relating to contracts, employment, intellectual property, marriage and shareholder contests.


Haley also has significant experience in non-contentious matters, having advised multinational companies with regard to taxation, banking, real estate trading, employment and compliance issues.


LLB (Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, Vietnam)


Vietnamese and English


Some of the notable achievements which Haley has been involved with include:

  • Successfully representing a Client in the Vietnamese Courts to block a claim for an unpaid amount of approximately VND500,000,000 under a sales and purchase agreement.  With our tactics which proved the creditors’ crimes during the transaction, our Client won the case without paying any amount to the creditors.
  • Successfully obtaining a defense verdict while representing an education organization before the Vietnamese Courts against an employee’s claim of approximately VND310,000,000.  In the lawsuit, the employee claimed a severance allowance amount for the working period between 2009 to 2016.  To defense such claim, we proved that the statute of limitations had expired using very limited evidence and eventually won the case.
  • Successfully demanded that a Vietnamese company cease and desist its violation of our Client’s intellectual property.  Our Client owned the intellectual property rights over an invention and trademark, which granted our Client the exclusive rights to use or give permission for others to use the invention and trademark.  However, there was a company in Vietnam using said invention and trademark for a commercial purpose.  With our prompt and strong actions, within 15 days, the Vietnamese company removed all advertisements on their websites for online sales, including but not limited to its own website, and ceased all transactions with buyers and disposed all infringing products.
  • Assisted an international corporation doing businesses in Vietnam, Hong Kong, Canada, the US, and Macau in creating a transfer pricing agreement and provided advice as to taxation issues related to the agreement.
  • Assisted and advised an Australian law firm to prove the adoptive relationship between the Sponsor and the Applicant for an immigrant visa with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.
  • Advised a Korean company on the legal status and conditions for purchasing the lands in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  • Assisted and represented an English company in starting its investment and business in Vietnam with an initial investment amount of approximately $210,000 USD.
  • Provided assistance and advice to a leading car trading company on the Vietnamese legal aspects of its business cooperation.
  • Assisted in successfully enforcing a judgement of more than VND5,000,000,000.

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