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Business Litigation, Arbitration, Judgment Enforcement, Bankruptcy, Criminal Defense


Jane is an exceptional Litigator at LE & TRAN.  She began her career at various law companies in Vietnam and gained 4 years of experience in litigation and consultancy before joining the Firm.  A dedicated and result-oriented attorney, Jane has resolved disputes in various fields and delivered valuable results for our clients.


LLB (Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, Vietnam), Member of Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association.


Vietnamese and English


Commercial and construction disputes

  • Provided legal representation for a contractor in a dispute over a construction contract for luxury apartments. With her expertise and deep analytical abilities of the applicable regulations and the facts of the case, Jane uncovered evidence against the investor and demonstrated convincingly the investor’s violations during the performance of the contract.
  • Represented a foreign client in a dispute with a Vietnamese entity over a loan contract. The loan was granted as a capital contribution to a joint stock company.  The disputed value was approximately US$590,000.

Disputes in fields of civil law, marriage & family, inheritance – wills and real estate

  • Represented a client in a dispute over a property lease contract. The first-instance Court committed errors in collecting evidence and, as a result, handled the dispute inappropriately.  Jane used her expertise to reveal such mistakes, lodging evidence and arguments with the Court.  As a result, the Court rendered a judgement in favor of the client.
  • In 2018, she represented a defendant in an inheritance dispute which had been ongoing for a period of 10 years. After contemplating the case file, Jane pointed out critical issues and utilized strong legal grounds and decisive evidence to successfully turn around the case and protect the client’s interests.

Administrative disputes

  • Represented a client in a subcontract dispute between an individual (the plaintiff) and a State authority (the defendant). The first-instance Court made a judgment against the plaintiff and the case was appealed.  At the appeals trial, Jane pointed out the mistakes of the first-instance Court in defining the involved parties and the violations of the defendant which infringed on the contractor’s interest.  As a result, the first-instance judgment was reversed and remanded and the case was retried in accordance with the law.
  • Represented a client in a dispute over land and housing ownership. The client’s property was appropriated and illegally transferred to another who was then named on the land and housing ownership certificate issued by the State authority.  However, after reviewing the case file, Jane advised and assisted the client in filing a complaint with the competent authorities instead of pursuing the lawsuit.  The case was then resolved in a short period of time with a favorable result for the client.

Other legal matters

  • Provided advice on inheritance division pursuant to testamentary instruments.
  • Provided opinions and direction to clients on corporate compliance.
  • Assisted clients on contracts concerning design and construction.

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