Kate is a Partner of Le & Tran law firm and one of its founding members together with Stephen. She has provided indispensable knowledge and support over the years that have led to the Firm’s spectacular growth and success.

With her deep knowledge in Vietnamese tax law and corporate finance, Kate has spearheaded the tax litigation team at Le & Tran for over 10 years with outstanding results. She is also recognized as a consultant to business law advising services both by domestic and multinational companies. Kate has successfully provided critical advice and strategy to large corporations concerning labor restructuring, corporate governance, risk assessment, and the implementation of internal tax regulations.

Kate’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills play an essential role in the sustainable success and highly effective operations of the Firm. She also is a key component in the human resources management of the Firm and uses her detailed knowledge of the Firm’s operations to build and develop its culture and the ethical behavior of its employees. Thus, in countless ways, both tangible and intangible, Kate is the bedrock of the Firm.

Recently, Kate has successfully developed an innovative model for legal training that recognizes the importance of the legal thought processes and ethics. The development of this system is unparalleled in the legal and educational world and results in constant improvement in the quality of the Firm’s services and tangible results for clients.

  • Litigation & Dispute Resolution
  • White-Collar Crimes
  • Judgements Enforcement
  • Business Law
  • Private Client Service
  • English
  • Vietnamese

Representative engagements

  • Tax auditing for transfer pricing issue: as main advisor in tax verification, liaison with Senior authority & presenting solution for remedy treatment
  • Tax auditing for Corporate income tax: as main advisor to dispute resolving over business deductible expenses
  • Tax to foreigner individuals: as main advisor on taxable income sources derived locally and globally with Double Tax Agreement application, directly deal with Senior Authority
  • Custom issues: as control on advisory service for frequent custom law updates & remedies treatment and prevention for expected involve criminal violation
  • Foreign entities establishment in Vietnam: as main conduct, manage & control in working with Senior authority
  • Internal and external shares transfer, director’s duties: as main conduct, manage & control advisory service
  • Compliance audit for internal control: as main conduct, manage & control service
  • Legal risks advisory: as main advisor, conduct, manage & control service
  • Employment policies and Internal labor regulations: as control to advisory content


  • “Q&A Labor law”: content control & review
  • “Effective non-compete agreement for employment contracts”: content control & review
  • “Consideration of reducing 50% of goods being subject to quality inspection prior to custom clearance”: content control & review
  • High Credentials
  • Licensed Tax Practitioner Vietnam
  • ACCA Affiliate Singapore

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