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Ken is one of LE & TRAN’s prominent Litigators. Prior to joining the team, he had 4 years of experience as Legal Counsel for a highly reputed financial and banking institution.  Ken represented the bank with its complex and routine legal matters and disputes, which provided him with significant insight and experience in all aspects of commerical transactions and litigation.  He has extensive knowledge in handling issues surrounding mortgaged assets, having represented the bank in major criminal economic cases of public concern and successfully solving the issues.  Since joining LE & TRAN, Ken has played a leading role in resolving inheritance and probate cases, labor disputes and property appropriation.


Vietnamese and English


As Legal Counsel for Financial and Banking Institution

  • Provided advice and resolved legal matters for the bank, advised its branches and specialized departments on daily legal matters encountered during the course of business.
  • Represented the bank in major economic disputes of public concern.
  • Advised and assisted companies-in-crisis regarding restructuring and provided solutions for such companies to quickly overcome the crisis and continue to be listed on the stock exchange.
  • Represented the bank in major disputes concerning high value assets.
  • Represented the bank in a dispute over residential housing ownership between the person named on the housing ownership certificate and the housing occupant.
  • Handled issues involving the bank’s clients and the banking staff regarding lending activity violations.
  • Represented the bank in a dispute over a real estate project mortgaged to the bank. The dispute arose over the difference between the licensed area and the actual area in use.
  • Represented the bank in cooperating with the competent authorities during legal proceedings in criminal cases.
  • Executed judgement enforcement proceedings in relation to high value assets to recover clients’ debts.

After joining LE & TRAN

Dispute resolution

 Commercial disputes:

  • Represented a client in a dispute over a property loan contract worth over 200 billion VND.
  • Represented a client in a dispute over a goods processing contract with the disputed value of over 34 billion VND.
  • Labor dispute: Successfully represented a foreign company in defending against a claim of its subsidiary’s employee in the Vietnamese Court by lodging arguments that the foreign company was not a party at issue in the case.

Other legal matters

  • Assisted US clients in an inheritance declaration in Vietnam, proving a mother-child relationship, when inheritance rights were refused.
  • Provided advice to various companies concerning legal issues related to labor, factory construction, hygiene and food safety.

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