Rita is a Junior Associate at LE & TRAN who is a valuable asset to the Firm and its clients, possessing over four years of experience in investment and corporate compliance.  She has exceptional knowledge and skills in the planning of risk-averse strategies tailored specifically for both individuals and institutional investors in domestic and foreign markets.  Rita handles various investment projects and delivers outstanding consultancy for global corporations.  She has deep analytical skills coupled with the ability to work under high pressure and accomplish her work in a timely fashion.  Rita also has experience in intellectual property and is a member of the taxation group at LE & TRAN.

Practices Area

Corporate Compliance, Investment, Tax, Labor & Employment


LLB (Ho Chi Minh City University of Law, Vietnam)


Vietnamese and English


Rita has advised and assisted a significant number of global corporations in successfully resolving legal matters for their business in Vietnam.  Some examples of her accomplishments are:

  • Assisted clients in establishing foreign language and education In one case, Rita was successful in obtaining the necessary approvals from the competent authorities for the establishment of an important Center for Applied Science, Research and Development under the management of a Vietnamese University.
  • Advised numerous clients on legal issues to protect their intellectual property rights (copyright, trademarks, industrial designs) from acts of infringement and assisted the clients in obtaining the relevant IP certificates.
  • Advised companies and their expat employees on labor and immigration matters and assisted clients in obtaining work permits, visas, and temporary residence cards.
  • Advised foreign individuals on marriage and family matters; created prenuptial agreements and agreements concerning marital assets and wills.
  • Reviewed and revised various commercial contracts and labor contracts.

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