Why We Win

Le & Tran differs from its competitors in many ways. We are one of the most trusted litigation and arbitration firms in Vietnam because we win the great majority of our cases. Our outstanding record of success proves it.

We win because we focus on ensuring a fair process and an equitable outcome for all parties.

Despite ambiguous legal texts and lingering corruption in the Vietnamese judicial system, seeking redress before a court is not hopeless. Justice can prevail, and Le & Tran adheres to that belief. We will never take a case to trial if unfair tactics are at play. When that happens, the justice system fails and so does everyone involved. A broken court process does not bring justice to either of the two contending parties.

Corruption wins only when all stakeholders tolerate unfair practices. This is something we refuse to do. Not only do we insist upon procedural fairness on behalf of our clients, we impose it on every actor involved in the dispute. We are not fazed when an opposing counsel tries to employ unfair tactics. Such unprofessional behavior does not impress us, and we never respond in kind. What we do, however, is to employ tactics that expose them and bring them into line.

Only a strong and impartial court process can offer justice to the parties. We insist upon no less.

We have often denounced corrupt practices taking place in courts and arbitration proceedings, and filed complaints to make them stop. Our experience has been that when procedural fairness is enforced, justice naturally prevails. We strongly believe that every lawyer in Vietnam is obligated to ensure that procedural fairness is respected across the board and at every stage in the proceedings.

While we cannot influence the judges’ decisions, we can ensure that the context in which they make those decisions is fair and free of corruption.

Why Choose

Look at the contemporary market and you will see that the trend in Vietnam is toward full-service law firms. But the number of lawyers in a firm matters less than the quality and knowledge concentrated in a specialized area. In mega-firms, genuine legal experts—whether in criminal law, intellectual property law, corporate law, family law and so on—are hard to find. There is a familiar saying, “The jack of all trades is a master of none,” and we believe it applies here. Clients are better served by firms that have well-developed expertise in specific areas of the law. Only those with a deep understanding of their fields and how to deal with the relevant authorities in Vietnam will prevail when a verdict is rendered.

We believe that complex litigation is most effectively handled by teams comprised of smart, highly experienced attorneys focused on results rather than process.

Foreign companies now demand efficient communication from Vietnamese lawyers. They call for high-quality service and quick resolution of their legal problems. Vietnamese lawyers have to understand their needs and guide them through our country’s still-evolving legal system. Unpleasant surprises are just what they do not want.

Le & Tran’s experts are assigned to specific cases to maintain service quality.

We typically face one-off files in which we are brought in on specific litigation mandates. When the stakes are high and pressure to achieve good results is enormous, our attorneys thrive. Flexibility in our operation and assignment allows us to staff our files appropriately to keep our overhead reasonable and to provide attentive and responsive service to our clients.

Lawyers in a litigation firm know the status of all their files and are aware of the steps necessary to move those files toward a timely resolution. Our firm’s clients are frequently updated on the status of their cases and can be confident that their files are being handled as promptly as possible.

Full-service firms, so-called one-stop shops, tend to charge clients on the basis of step-by-step litigation protocols—which is seldom the best way to solve a dispute. Our reputation is built on efficient and speedy resolution of disputes. Delay is not beneficial to our clients, so we try to bring them to an equitable resolution as soon as possible. Furthermore, in most cases they are not served by going to court. Le & Tran knows how to strategize, negotiate and settle.

Anti-Corruption &
Anti-Bribery Policy

We are firmly and resolutely opposed to corruption and bribery. In other words, we do not make illicit payments to public officials, whether high or low. We know we would be breaking the law, for example, if we bribed a judge to ensure that he or she decides a case in our client’s favor. Such behavior may be tempting, but it is wrong and harmful to our justice system.

Moreover, Le & Tran’s commitment to being corruption- and bribery-free does goes beyond how we handle our cases. We actively denounce corruption and bribery wherever we see it. When corrupt practices or unfair tactics are employed by lawyers seeking to bend the law in their clients’ favor, we speak up. Many times in the past, we have reported such chicanery and filed complaints with the relevant authorities. We will continue to do so because the strength of the rule of law in Vietnam and the predictability of our justice system depend on it. Our clients understand that we operate “on the square”—that is, in an honest and fair manner. Yes, we want results, but results achieved in the right way.

Not all Vietnamese lawyers are made equal. Good litigators and trial lawyers refrain from using unfair tactics and refuse to give in to corruption.
Why We WinWhy Choose
Anti-Corruption &
Anti-Bribery Policy Protection Status