Why We Win

There are many reasons why our practice differs from that of our competitors. We are one of the most trusted litigation firms in Vietnam because we win the great majority of our cases. And we have an outstanding record of success to demonstrate it.

We win because we focus on ensuring a fair process and a fair outcome for all parties.

Although Vietnamese legal texts are ambiguous and corruption still too prevalent in the justice system, seeking redress before a Vietnamese court is not doomed. There is a proven way to make justice prevail. We will never take a case to trial if unfair tactics are at play. This is because in such a case, the justice system fails and so does everyone involved. A broken court process can never bring justice to the parties.

Corruption only wins when all stakeholders give it to unfair practices. We never do. Not only do we defend procedural fairness on behalf of our clients, but we impose it on every actor involved the dispute. Opposing counsel’s unfair tactics do not impress us, and we never respond to such unprofessional behavior. Instead, we use tactics to expose them and force them to get into line.

Only a strong and impartial court process can offer justice to the parties. We enforce it fervently.

In numerous instances, we have denounced corrupt practices taking place in courts and arbitration proceedings and filed complaints to make them stop. What we have learned is that when procedural fairness is enforced, justice easily prevails. We strongly believe that it is every litigator’s role in Vietnam to ensure that procedural fairness is respected by all stakeholders and at every stage of the proceedings.

We cannot influence the judges’ decisions. But we can ensure that the context in which they make the decision is fair and free of corruption.

Why Choose

The market nowadays has recognized that it’s not the number of lawyers that matters, it’s the quality and the knowledge of a very specialized area. This is especially true in Vietnam, where the trend with law firms is to become full-service where the law experts are hard to find. We believe that clients are better served by specialized firms which develop expertise in specific areas of the law and acquire an in-depth understanding of how to deal with the relevant authorities in Vietnam.

We believe that complex litigation is most effectively handled by effective teams comprised of smart, highly experienced lawyers focused on results rather than process.

Foreign companies nowadays are demanding more efficient communication from lawyers. They’re obviously looking for very high-quality service and speedy resolution of their matters. They’re asking lawyers to understand their needs, to educate them on Vietnamese laws and avoid surprises.

Our experts are remained in each case to maintain service quality.

Our most common mandates are one-off files, where we are brought in on specific litigation mandates often when the stakes are very high and the pressure to achieve good results is enormous. Flexibility in our operation and assignment allows us to staff our files appropriately, to keep our overhead reasonable, and to provide very attentive and responsive client service.

We specialize in specific litigation mandates where stakes are high.

Lawyers in a litigation firm know the status of all their files and are aware of the steps necessary to progress those files to a timely resolution. The clients of our firm are kept current on the status of their matter and can be confident that their files are being dealt with in a timely manner.

Full-service firms tend to charge clients based on step-by-step litigation protocols, which may or may not be the most efficient way to solve the dispute. A litigation firm like us, who do not enjoy the gravity of the cases, rather builds our reputation on efficient and speedy resolution of disputes. We get our clients to a resolution as soon as possible. Because in most cases, the clients are not best served by going to court. You need to be strategic, negotiate and settle.

Anti-Corruption &
Anti-Bribery Policy

At Le & Tran, we are 100% anti-corruption and anti-bribery. For us, this means that we do not provide any form of corrupt payments to any public official in Vietnam. We know we would be breaking the law, for example, if we bribed a judge to make sure that he or she decides a case in our favor. Not only is the behavior wrong, but it harms our justice system.

Moreover, our commitment to being corrupt-free doesn’t stop with the way we handle our cases. In Vietnam, it is everyone’s role to ensure that corruption is denounced. Unfortunately, we too often see corrupt practices or unfair tactics being used by litigators to bend the law in their favor. Many times in the past, we have reported such practices and filed complaints before the relevant authorities. And we will continue to do so because of the strength of the rule of law in Vietnam and the predictability of our justice system depends on it.

Not all Vietnamese litigators are made equal. Good litigators refrain from using unfair tactics and refuse to give in to corruption.
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Anti-Corruption &
Anti-Bribery Policy