The Firm

Founded in 2011, LE & TRAN Trial Lawyers was built upon integrity, diligence, and intellectual rigour. After nearly a decade of upholding our core values, our team of formidable attorneys has worked hard and smart to establish our place in the legal industry, national and international. A boutique litigation firm in Vietnam, LE & TRAN has been acclaimed for our exceptional services by over 50 multinational corporations and several renowned legal rankings.

Value Of Service

The basis for our success is rooted in our strategy, which focuses on specific practice areas to allow for specialisation and robust craft-honing. In doing so, under the tutelage of Stephen Le Hoang Chuong, a certified Disputes Star, our team of 20 elite attorneys are primed to perfect their lawyerly skills at a faster rate than otherwise.

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Why We Win

Le & Tran differs from its competitors in many ways. We are one of the most trusted litigation firms in Vietnam because we win the great majority of our cases. Our outstanding record of success proves it. Our belief is that all disputes must be resolved on the basis of the law, evidence and reasoning. 

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What Clients Say

Petronas did endorse the Firm as follows: We view Le & Tran has strong litigation background/strategic skills in providing legal opinion. In addition, Le & Tran confirmed that it could provide speedy turn-around time which is a very important criteria for Petronas the selection of a suitable law firm.

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Worldwide Community

LE & TRAN has been successfully working with a few of the top organizations in the world which includes AmCham Vietnam as a Diamond Corporate Member, The American Chamber of Commerce Singapore (AmCham Singapore) and The Australian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam (AusCham Vietnam).

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Anti Corruption

We are firmly and resolutely opposed to corruption and bribery. In other words, we do not make illicit payments to public officials, whether high or low. We know we would be breaking the law, for example, if we bribed a judge to ensure that he or she decides a case in our client’s favor. Such behavior may be tempting, but it is wrong and harmful to our justice system.

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