In hopes of alleviating parts of the white collar crime pressure, Le & Tran offers legal services to clients at all stages of the criminal proceedings. We give effective advice to shed some light on the process.

We employ our familiarity with the legal system to prepare our clients for the investigation and prosecution periods. Our white collar crime lawyers collect and examine evidence whilst working closely with the investigation authorities. Most crucially, we fight for our clients in the courtroom.

At the roots of our practice are our ethics. We understand the stressful nature of criminal cases and wish to support clients in a vulnerable position and without experience with the law. Le & Tran criminal lawyers are therefore committed to being conscientious in our analysis and honest in our assessment to produce the most practical solution.

What does a white collar crime lawyer do?

A white collar crime lawyer can assist enterprises and their managers in preventing financial losses, provide the necessary measures to discover and track down criminals, and recover assets for the company.

“White collar crime” is not a name for a specific type of crime, but rather terminology used to indicate criminal conduct committed by those that have higher social status.  White Collar criminals do not resort to violence but instead use more sophisticated methods to achieve an economic or financial objective. The culprit will often sit in a luxurious office and wear a business suit, but their motives are similar to a common thief on the street, to obtain victims’ money by illegal means. A typical example is obtaining property by fraud or abusing the trust of customers and clients to appropriate the victims’ money from bank accounts or passbooks.   These actions may lead to serious financial consequences to the victim and potentially the collapse or insolvency of a business.

Typical white collar crimes found in Vietnam and elsewhere include: obtaining property by fraud; abuse of trust to appropriate property; money laundering; appropriation of property contained in a computer network; crimes relating to telecommunications networks or electronic devices; crimes relating to multi-level marketing; crimes relating to banking operations; providing false information or concealing information related to securities activities; use of insider information for trading securities; blackmail and embezzlement.

With the development of technology and emergence of the globalized marketplace, the damage caused by white collar crime can be more widespread and far-reaching than most other crimes combined.   In general, white collar crimes have the tendency to be more sophisticated and harder to detect.  These crimes are also connected to powerful and well-organized entities in society, such as mafias or governmental officials, which have the ability to create an official “shield” to protect their illegal activities.

As such, it is highly advisable that individuals or enterprises obtain counseling from an experienced white collar crime lawyer if they suspect they have been the victim of this category of criminal activity.  Conversely, if an individual or organization has been accused of a white collar crime, it is also critically important to obtain the services of a competent white collar crime attorney to protect the legitimate rights of the accused, present defenses to the charges, and assist to mitigate any penalties that may occur.

A white collar crime lawyer is one who is well-versed in criminal law and criminal procedure and is able to quickly process information on crimes and criminal cases. He can assist victims of these crimes in the following ways:

  • Advising on immediate actions to take to mitigate damages caused by a white collar criminal to protect individuals and businesses;
  • Collecting, preserving, analyzing, and submitting evidence and documentation to the investigative authorities, and requesting to protect the operations and trade secrets of the organization;
  • Establishing and maintaining lines of communication with the governmental and investigative agencies to assist in the investigation and preparation of the case against the White Collar criminal;
  • Assessing civil litigation options for the victim to recover financial losses;
  • Advising the victim on subsequent measures to take to protect assets and continue operations;
  • Assist in avoiding or mitigating negative media coverage of the crime that may affect the business;

For the defendant accused of a white collar crime:

  • Formulating and presenting defenses on behalf of the Defendant to exculpate or mitigate criminal liability;
  • Protecting the Defendant against violations of criminal procedure, such as coerced testimony or confessions or the imposition of corporal punishment;
  • Representing clients during the investigation stage and being present during the taking of statements, inspection, identification, voice recognition or gathering of evidence by the government; Ensuring that the government follows proper procedures during these activities and that the client is aware of all of their rights under the laws of Vietnam;
  • Ensuring that the persons performing the investigation, such as inspectors, assessors, property evaluators, interpreters and translators, are competent and requesting alternate appointments if they are not qualified;
  • Working with the governmental authorities regarding any restitution or plea bargain that may reduce the penalties;
  • Certifying that all proceedings are conducted pursuant to the provisions of the code of criminal procedure;
  • Representing the Defendant in court, providing facts, evidence, and arguments to the trier of fact to counter the allegations as well as cross-examining the prosecution’s case;
  • Summoning witnesses, experts, and other relevant participants to legal proceedings;
  • Filing the necessary appeals, if necessary, to overturn or limit an unfair ruling by the court of first instance.

Why should you hire white collar crime lawyer? 

White collar crimes have the ability cause massive and unpredictable damage to the reputation and finances of a business or an individual. Upon discovering or suspecting that an activity relating to white collar crime has occurred, enterprises, business managers or individuals must quickly take the proper counter measures and bring it to the attention of authorities.

However, as white collar crimes tend to be very sophisticated and are often committed with high-level technology, most businesses do not have the expertise or resources to detect or counter the actions of the perpetrator. As such, enterprises, business managers or individuals are advised to immediately contact a white collar crime lawyer to protect their interests, limit the damages, and recover the lost assets or finances.  For Defendants accused of a white collar crime, it is necessary to retain the services of a white collar crime lawyer to protect their rights and interests during the investigation by the authorities and explore avenues to exculpate or limit the penalties.

How do I find a good white collar crime lawyer? 

As criminal law and the laws on white collar crime in Vietnam are nationally structured, an attorney in any part of the country is able to handle a criminal case.  In addition, as much of the work is done remotely (especially due to the current pandemic), the actual location of the attorney is becoming increasingly less relevant.  However, for the sake of convenience and to save future costs (such as travel, etc.) it is advisable to obtain a white collar crime lawyer near the location of operations of the business or domicile of the individual.  In Vietnam, this is often the economic and administrative hubs of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.  Le & Tran, being based in Ho Chi Minh City is at the heart of the largest city in Vietnam and within easy reach of any court in the country (via air travel).

How much does a white collar crime lawyer cost? 

It is always prudent to have an attorney versed in criminal law review your company’s operations before the commencement of business activities.  However, Le & Tran’s white collar crime lawyers understand that until a crime or suspected crime occurs that creates an immediate need, hiring a white collar crime lawyer for most businesses is often seen as an unnecessary expense.  As such, when an incident occurs, rather than set a high price for an emergency business or personal legal expense, we offer competitive rates that are set collaboratively with the client, taking into account the capitalization and future profitability of the business or individual.  Some of the fee arrangements utilized by Le & Tran’s white collar crime lawyers include, hourly fees, lump-sum fees, and installment fee arrangements.

Our goal at Le & Tran is to establish a long-term relationship with you and your business by earning your trust in our expertise, reliability, hard work, and efficiency.  We dedicate ourselves to the belief of founder Stephen Le, who has stated: “Any well trained lawyer can provide legal advice, but only an all-rounded professional can provide you with the tools you need to successfully reach your goals while complying with all the legal requirements”.  In short, Le & Tran strongly adheres to the belief that we succeed only if you and your business are successful.

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With over a decade of experience in counseling and protecting the rights and interests of clients related to white collar crimes, Le & Tran is the top law firm in Vietnam regarding litigation and criminal proceedings. Through our expertise, creativity and thoroughness, we provide advice, solutions and preventive measures for enterprises to avoid risks related to white collar crime and to shield clients from wrongful criminal allegations filed by the competent authorities.  In short, our criminal lawyers will assist you to continue your business operations and provide you with peace of mind despite these challenges.

Multinational corporations, large enterprises, start-ups and individuals all turn to Le & Tran white collar crime lawyers for critical advice and cutting edge representation to resolve a wide array of criminal allegations.  Further, with a multi-disciplinary practice, our litigation lawyers have an advantage over other law firms as we are able to provide holistic solutions that take into account business structure and transactions, real estate and asset protection, intellectual property, employment issues, government and regulatory actions, and tax issues just to name a few.

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